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    Friday, July 31, 2009

    CHC 20th Anniversary

    Kless and I have been in CHC for slightly more than 7 years. That means we have been thru 35% of the glorious 20 years in CHC history. It is really an honor and blessing to be part of this wonderful family. I can never imagine what and where will we be if we have not made the tough decision to move on 7 years ago from our former church. But one thing for sure, we have matured a lot spiritually.

    I reflect on the past 7 years in CHC, I think besides the spiritual part, the other thing that I have gotten must be the precious friendships forged with so many different ones. Friends who have helped me grow as a leader, friends who have seen me down and up in the race, friends who have been with me right from the start till now.

    What have I learnt in this journey?

    I learnt to be giving, cos love is about giving and not receiving. I learnt about sacrifice. I learnt about accountability, this is one very important lesson, cos without accountability, we can never grow to take on bigger roles and responsibilities. I learnt much about true leadership, to lead is to influence. I learnt about the spirit of excellence.

    What have I gain from this journey?

    I married Klessis, we had our ROM and wedding ceremony both done in CHC. We had 2 wonderful girls in this journey. I cleared all my debts. I bought a car. I had more holiday trips in the past 7 years than the earlier 28 years. I fulfilled my life-long desire to study in SOT. I fulfilled another life-long dream to work as full-time in church for a period. I have a group of very close friends whom I will never trade for anything.

    Just like Pastor shared a few weeks ago, as we move into the next 20 years in CHC, this is really a crucial moment for us to reflect and grow stronger in the Lord. I can’t remember who said this before, but the longer we are in the Lord, the more we realized we need Him. If not for His guidance I would not have achieved all that I have now. But to think that this is just a small portion of what is in store for me ahead, I can’t help but be amazed and in awe. The church will grow on with or without me, but I do know, if I am on the boat, I will only stand to gain and not lose. I want to be part of what God is planning to do in CHC. That is why I need to get even more committed and closer to Him than ever before.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    The KOP, Liverpool FC

    many people have been asking me what is the meaning of the KOP in the past few days. especially after the tremendous match last sunday. more are interested to know the real meaning. i only know its name the KOP in memory of some Scousers who died in a certain war. but here is the entire story.

    "The Kop at Anfield dates back to 1905-06. At the end of that season which saw Liverpool lift the second of their league championships the directors at the club decided to reward the loyalty of the fans by building a new brick and cinder banking at the Walton Breck road end of the ground. It was christened as the Spion Kop by Ernest Jones in memory of the many scousers who died in battle over a hill in South Africa by the same name during the Boer War. In 1928 The Kop was altered to terracing and a massive roof added to protect the thousands of fans who gathered to watch their beloved team play. Other teams named their stands as the Kop but the one at Anfield was the original and the best."

    "Over One Hundred years ago, on the evening of Tuesday 23rd January, 1900, 1,700 British troops prepared to attack a hill in South Africa known as Spionkop. Spionkop means 'Spy Hill' and was coined by the Dutch settlers for the commanding views it afforded. The following days witnessed a bloody battle between the British Empire and a ragged collection of Boer farmers and the British Empire lost. However, that reckoned without a series of blunders by the British High Command, led by Sir Redvers Bullers, and the terrifying fighting qualities of the Boers. Reports at the end of the battle, which raged for two days stated 332 killed, 563 wounded and 163 prisoners taken, but these figures are still open to question with some claiming up to 340 killed and 1000 wounded. The Boers had beaten the mightiest army in the world and the reverberations were felt around the globe. To commemorate the their fallen, upon returning home the surviviors named stands at their local football grounds 'the Kop', the most famous of these being 'the Kop' at Anfield(Liverpool FC). The Kop remembers the Liverpool men who lay, frightened, at the foot of an obscure hill in Africa all those years ago. The Kop has proved equally daunting to visiting teams and has witnessed many great victories for Liverpool FC. Hopefully, it will continue to do so for another 100 years."

    Anfield Trip – Liverpool vs Sunderland

    Duration: 25th – 29th March 2010, Thursday – Monday
    Match Date: 27th March 2010, Saturday
    Total Budget: S$1320

    Brief Itinerary:
    § 25th March 2010, Thursday
    o SIN-KUL (Airasia), depart 11:30am arrive 12:25pm (S$40)
    o KUL-LON (Airasia), depart 3:35pm arrive 10pm (M$1400 = S$560)
    o Lodging in London (friend’s apartment, FOC)

    § 26th March 2010, Friday
    o LON-LIV (Virgin Train), depart 5:40am arrive 8:40am (£30 = S$75)
    o Stadium and Museum Tour (£11 = S$30)
    o Free and Easy in Liverpool
    o Lodging in Liverpool (S$70)

    § 27th March 2010, Saturday
    o Match at 3pm (£40 = S$100)
    o Free and Easy in Liverpool
    o Lodging in Liverpool (S$70)

    § 28th March 2010, Sunday
    o LIV-LON (Virgin Train), depart 6am arrive 8am (£30 = S$75)
    o Free & Easy in London
    o Lodging in London (friend’s apartment, FOC)

    § 29th March 2010, Monday
    o Free & Easy in London
    o LON-KUL, depart 11:15pm arrive 8pm (next day 30th March 2010)

    § 30th March 2010, Tuesday
    o Lodging in KL (M$120 = S$50)

    § 31st March 2010, Wednesday
    o KUL-SIN (Airasia), depart 6:25am arrive 7:15am

    Food & Beverage:
    25th March – L (M$10), D (plane) = S$5
    26th March – B (£3), L (£10), D (£10) = S$60
    27th March – B (£3), L (£10), D (£10) = S$60
    28th March – B (£3), L (£10), D (£10) = S$60
    29th March – B (£3), L (£10), D (£10) = S$60
    30th March – L (plane), D (plane)
    31st March – B (M$10) =S$5

    All time stated are local time at that point of time.
    No flights from KUL-SIN on 30th March 2010, Tuesday.
    Exchange rate as of 28th July 2009:
    £1 = S$2.40
    M$1 = S$0.40

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Sunday, July 26, 2009

    The best game in the world!

    Liverpool vs Singapore

    Many of us have been waiting for this match for months. Finally it’s the day and thousands of fans gathered for the amazing time to witness the greatness of the best team on the earth, LIVERPOOL.

    Besides the great game, the other interesting thing that happened during the wait for the match to start was the appearance of some idiots. A few individuals came into the KOP end wearing Man U jersey. Are they mad or what? I think if we are not in S’pore, they might have been killed (ok, i am exaggerating). But you get the idea. A girl came in Chelsea jersey, she also got the same treatment, hahaa…no excuse for ladies… it’s only one team tonight. YWNA!

    A photo of me in the car driving to National Stadium, all excited and still fresh..

    Arriving at the Stadium, thousands of fans already queuing to get in. Time is 4pm, match starts at 7pm.



    A big group of Liverpool fans all the way from Indonesia.

    In the Stadium, Simon is already inside, booking seats for us. Hahaa… CHC trained.







    The players were out for warm-up. That alone brought the entire Stadium to it’s feet.








    One of the highlights, a gigantic Liverpool flag passed through the crowd.

    The Scores.




    The souvenirs.



    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    What type of friend?

    as i grow older, i realised that i have become more a friend-mediator. by that i mean i mediate the friendships between different people around me.

    friend 1 doesn’t like friend 2. friend 3 is not happy with friend 4. me as the older and hopefully wiser mediator, i will try to tone down the differences, the angry feelings.

    i dun know if i am doing the right thing. i just hope to see the friends that matters to me are happy with one another. but then i was wondering, should i stick my leg in to mediate when sometimes people just can’t get along with one another. it’s the nature of relationships. right?

    should i “play god” for me friends? i sincerely hope that my friends do not think me as a kaypoh.

    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    How to lead yourself?

    I believe Pst Jeffrey Rahmat is one of the most sought after speaker on the topic of Leadership. His insights and teachings are simply mind-blowing. Not bombastic truths, but just some simple yet very powerful truths in becoming a better leader in any given field.

    Leadership is about adding value to people’s life.
    Leadership is a position of sacrifice.
    Leadership can lead us to a place where passion and love cannot lead us to.
    Leadership is leading by way of influence, becoming a source of inspiration.

    He mentioned about 4 different ways of leading people:
    1. Leading Down
    a. Serving as overseers, this is the easiest way of leadership
    b. Just need to give instructions and ensure people follow it
    c. Boss to staffs
    d. Requires only 5% of a leader’s capability

    2. Leading Lateral
    a. Leading the peers around us
    b. Giving positive influence and support
    c. Colleague to colleague
    d. Requires only 20% of a leader’s capability

    3. Leading Up
    a. Setting examples in all areas
    b. Able to influence people higher level than us
    c. Staff to boss
    d. Requires only 25% of a leader’s capability

    4. Leading Yourself
    a. You need to have self leadership before you can lead anyone
    b. It will be hard for someone to lead others if he cannot lead himself
    c. When a leader cannot lead himself and still wants to lead others, he will only be able to lead by manipulation and not by inspiration
    d. Able to lead oneself is a sign of maturity
    e. A manipulative leader gets his security through the security of the people he leads

    How to lead up?
    1. Do your job extremely well
    2. Build a good relationship with your leader
    a. People will not go long with you if they cannot get along with you
    3. Be willing to do what others won’t do
    a. But first do your job extremely well
    4. Prepare the things you want your leader to know
    a. Speak in a way that your leader will understand
    b. Not only bring complaints
    5. Understand your leader’s mood

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    To a friend in Australia

    i can count with one hand, the number of friends i maintain constant relationship overseas. so would be nice to post it here where i know you will read. happy birthday! i remembered your birthday leh! =)

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    If the price is right

    no one player can be greater than the club. we see it best in ManU’s example. selling their best player for £80M.

    if Alonso is keen to play for Liverpool,then no amount is enough. but if he is wavering to leave for Real, then just go. it’s a sad thing to lose one of our most consistent player, but no point staying if the heart is no longer there. so if the rumour is true, £32M is good money to accept. at least with the proceed we can consider some other players like David Silva, David Villa or Frank Ribery…

    all the best Liverpool!

    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    My Secondary School Photos

    found some of my own photos in our alumni FB account. brought back such fond memories. i think my secondary school days are the best of my life in terms of fun and learning.

    sec 2 class photo, still black and white de leh.. OMG!



    a rare class photo to celebrate after we won the best class award. we went on to win it for the next 2 times. 3-in-a-row. *proud*



    if you rem the movie ‘dead poet society’, this is one of the most classic scene.


    Monday, July 13, 2009

    Ever tot i will stop?



    another Liverpool jersey



    another cube, its not a rubix, its cube5, rotates smoother


    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    So lovely…










    for more photos, you can check out my FB


    went for a wonderful service in the morning. Dr AR Bernard, he is really a very good teacher, almost every word he spoke is like a new revelation. Tho the message is not new, but the revelation is awesome.

    after service, went for lunch with cg. Lay joined us for the first time since months ago. Peter and his new friend came too. food was so so, but fellowship was good. i just love to hang out with friends.

    after sending Joey to pasir ris, drove to balestier for our now quite regular futsal match. only 2 teams played. 11 players plus 1 super youth player. Nathaniel, Louis’s son. he is really good for his age. dribbling was good, shooting was strong. makes us feel so old suddenly. hahaa. my uni friend Bernard came too. last met him i think was at least 2 years ago le. he hasn’t changed much, only now with a bigger belly than previous =)

    showered after the game and rushed to cityhall for a haircut. then its off to MS for another round of fellowship with the best of friends  in church. our usual gang, Tristan, Jieyin, Serene, Cherry, Kristie, Gerald (missed dinner due to ministry), Kless and myself. soon we should have another addition =p

    now at home, waiting to go bath and rest. another week ahead. till next sunday again…

    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    Family Time

    drove to some place in pasir ris just to see some horses and had simple lunch. that is quality time =)

    caps day for the Kuan family

    ponies, too bad not near enough to touch them

    brown and white


    series of Joey drinking her ice milo





    my fav girl, i just love her in caps and pony tail

    just in case you were wondering where is no.2