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    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Father’s Day Card

    first time in my life, i got a father’s day card. my dear Joey drew a card and a tie for me in her art lesson.



    You can’t write if you can’t relate

    heard this sentence from one of the songs in Glee. can’t remember which song. but the line got stuck in my mind for a while.

    initially i was a bit puzzled why writing is related to relating. but i guess all emotions need a source of outlet and one of the best way is to write about it. no wonder blogs, facebook and twitter is so highly used nowadays.

    most of us writes to document our lives. also it’s a good way for our friends to know what is going on in each other’s life. it has come to point whereby messages are spread before people meets. i mean, so many times i read some new developments in some friends’ lives and when we meet, we start to talk about it.

    so it’s important to know how to write. personally i like to write. of course i like to talk too la. one of the constant comment that stuck with me throughout my entire 6 years of primary school was ‘Kar Keong is a talkative boy’… hahaa..

    however, some individuals like ms xx writes to generate hits and to promote their popularity. these are people i think, missed the real meaning of writing…

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    World Cup

    every 4 years the entire Kuan family will be united. more than we are during CNY. i was talking to a friend and told him that i was watching WC match with my mother. he was SHOCKED!!!

    many friends can’t believe that my mother is a WC fan. and in fact she is more than i am. so far, she has been following more matches than i do. she kept all the scores in a small notebook. if you do not know her, i won’t blame you if you think she is a football bookie…

    my mother started my football watching since 1982, as you have guessed, WC @ Spain.

    my mother’s favourite teams in this order:
    1. Brazil
    2. Argentina
    3. Germany

    it is during WC season, you can see my parents sitting around the TV watching a same program together. how amazing a small round ball chased by 22 players can have such a power to unite…