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    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    Scented Bath

    last sunday after our regular futsal game, i went back to pasir ris to fetch kless and the girls. so naturally i bathed at my in-laws’ place (save water), hahaa…

    the bath was refreshing, but more than that, it was super scented! i washed my hair with honey shampoo. the body form is rose smell. even the facial wash has to be mint smell.

    after the bath, i really had a feeling of walking through some garden or maybe the perfume section in a shopping mall. i’m not sure whether my body is clean or not la, but sure smell very nice.

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    I did it again!

    for a 2nd day running, i ate breakfast! steady boh?!?

    what is even more amazing was, i went back to the same “M” fastfood again…

    today the staff that served me is very nice. served with a smile. no wonder i didn’t have stomach ache after my breakfast.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    expensive=good, cheap=bad

    you may disagree with the statement. but sometimes, things or people just make us feel so, to the max.

    i was very hungry this morning, so for the first time since working in bugis, i went to a famous fast-food ‘M’ outlet to buy a breakfast set. i didn’t know that there was a promotion going on, 1 free coffee for any purchase of a set. so i was totally caught off guard (plus early morning, brain not working yet) when the counter-lady asked.
    M staff: “do u want extra cup of coffee?”
    me: “pardon? i tot the set comes with a coffee?”
    M staff: “ya lar, buy 1 get 1 free mah.”
    me: “oic, hmm, sure why not.”
    proceeded to pack my order and handed me just 1 cup of coffee.
    me: “sorry i tot there is a free cup of coffee?”
    M staff: “you say you dun want!”

    win liao lor! what a way to start the morning…

    later in the afternoon, met kless for lunch. after lunch we went to a very nice and cosy small cafe along north bridge road. (read more on kless’s blog if you want). so we went in to enjoy a cup of coffee. the price was much more expensive, in fact the cup of coffee itself is more expensive than the entire breakfast meal. but then the service was excellent. the staff greeted us warmly when we entered the cafe. served the drinks with a smile. before we left, every staff in the cafe bid us goodbyes.

    win liao! a perfect lunch time…

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    IK & JK2

    just a random series of photos










    Married for 7 years!

    blessed to be still married with the woman i love. i was wondering what can i do this year to surprise her. give her a gift? (have been doing it for years). give her flowers? (done it before too). buy her an expensive meal? (food is not her most want).

    the answer is to book a hotel stay. all this time, i feel booking a hotel stay in singapore is so ‘diaoz’. i can have a better rest at home for free, why need to pay to sleep outside? but for a girl i have dated for 10 years, married for 7 years. i can put aside what i feel and do something impractical for someone i love. anyway, the stay turned out to be pretty fun! =)


    dinner @ robertson walk

    start off with a glass of champagne

    salad with parma ham

    hawaii pizza, super nice!

    main course, linguine and grilled chicken
    DSC07777 DSC07778

    the happy couple
    IMG_2141 IMG_2144

    thank God for my mother, she took care of Joey while we brought Jayne with us. its Jayne’s first time staying overnight in a hotel.

    can we don’t watch this show?

    the flowers

    the gift

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Garden Hotel

    for those who don’t know where is this hotel, never mind. it’s going to be demolished by the end of this month. this hotel holds a special meaning to both Kless and myself. we had our ROM celebration there 7 years ago, on 18/10/2002.

    so today we back one last time, but not to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, but to have an early birthday celebration for Kristie.

    the nice table layout for us, machiam like wedding

    with a pool view

    the food was nasi lemak buffet
    IMG_2112 IMG_2111

    the usual gang
    IMG_2114 IMG_2119

    not forgetting the 2 wonderful girls
     IMG_2117 IMG_2121

    Just Jayne


    IMG_2100 IMG_2099

    IMG_2102 IMG_2101

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    White Blackberry Bold

    this is what i will buy if i were to x 100!!!!

    ATT WhiteBold Final Confirmed: White BlackBerry Bold 9000 Coming To AT&T On October 18th

    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Congrats Adrian & Esther!

    7 years after i got married, finally today another family member is married. just came back from a simple but very nice and warmth wedding at Raffles Town Club.

    both Adrian and Esther are very good communicator. their video montage is very nice. they even sang a song for one another on stage. kless was telling me that the wedding was a bit like western style, very free and casual.

    tomorrow we are driving over to JB for round 2. chinese wedding banquet. this will be the big thing. 100 tables, 1000 guests.

    can’t be helped when my uncle is the pastor and elder of the church in JB. it will be tiring but should be quite joyous. seeing old friends, meeting cousins and relatives. we have all grown up. no longer the kids playing in the garden. times flies.

    blissful marriage!