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    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Love is …..

    when you watches someone’s back as they walk away and can’t take your eyes away…

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    In His time

    saw a vision of a cuckoo clock during prayer meeting yesterday. in everything we do, there is a specific time for it to mature.

    in God’s time, we do not need to hurry.

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    Emo for Liverpool

    we can be emo about so many things. but right now (1243pm) sitting at starbucks i can’t help but feel sad for my beloved Liverpool FC.

    before you judge me, i do care and feel for the people in Haiti too.

    we are out of CL, we are now out of FA Cup. we are long out of Carling Cup. we are almost certain out of EPL champion dream, just hoping to finish 4th, if possible.

    but on top of all these, the best players in the team got injured. Torres out for 6 weeks, Gerrard out for 2 weeks, Benayoun out for 4 weeks.


    can’t wait for this season to be over. maybe the Carlsberg curse will be over, with the new sponsor Standard Chartered Bank in, let’s hope we will be starting a new successful era soon.

    i know my ManU friends will once again say the same old things again.. but it’s ok! we are a group of supporters who will always believe..

    my tag line for this year:
    see the invisible! believe the incredible! receive the impossible!

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Singapore Tat2 Show 2010

    went to the show this afternoon. tho the crowd was much lesser, but the excitement is still fantastic. i think this year there are more participating tattoo artists involved compared to last year.

    of course, the very prestigious guest Chris Garver (Miami Ink Fame) is here this year again. the master at work.
    Chris Garver IMG_4533

    however this year’s special guest is this lady from LA Ink Fame, the beautiful Kim Saigh…wooo!!
    Kim Saigh

    another guest is Tim Hendricks who occasionally appears in Miami Ink Fame.
    Tim Hendricks

    but i think the biggest crowd puller this year has to be debutant Japanese tattoo master, Shige. he is cool!
    Shige, Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan

    besides the common machine-needle tattoo at work, this year for the first time i saw live old-traditional inking style. not sure is it more painful than the usual style..


    some pics of tattooist masters at work


    award winning tattoos on show




    this guy is one of the visitor, but obviously his unique art pieces all over his body caught several onlookers and people are queuing to take photos with him.

    my own ink when i enter the hall

    like last year, i made a decision to buy a t-shirt from the show for keepsakes. so i found a nice tiger tee. the year of tiger and also my year!

    waiting for year 2011