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    Friday, December 31, 2010

    Year of Tiger

    I was born in 1974, that means I am 36 years old now. Maybe because I was born in the year of Tiger, I really think Tiger is one of the most awesome animal. Handsome and majestic!

    36 years is a short time. Cos I feel I have just started in my life.

    Today is my birthday. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and gifts. I thank God for all of you and really appreciate all your friendships.

    But the person I want to thank most is my wife. She has been my supporter and friend all the time. Everything I am able to do now is because she has been there for me always. When I am down, she is there to silently help me up. When I am happy, she will be doubly happy for me. You are the best!


    Love you Dear! 2011 will be BETTER!

    Monday, December 27, 2010

    Buckaroo Restaurant

    I can’t remember who recommended this restaurant to us, but since the first time we have been there, it has become one of my favourite!

    It is situated at Andrew Ave near Sembawang Beach. Not an easy place to find but very worth the try.


    The deco is not too elaborate, but just gives the warm feeling of a home. Probably because the restaurant is just among houses and the staff are very polite.



    They have a few good beers and this is my choice, Erdinger-White.


    A must try chicken wings at Buckaroo. Just 6 of them will be good enough as a normal meal.


    Our ‘must order’ Greenhouse Salad. Superb! Huge portion and filled with all sorts of veggie and fruit.


    If you like soup with bread, try this. Either Mushroom Soup or Clam Chowder, both are equally nice. As you can see, it’s Joey’s favourite.


    The portions are generally big, if you are a small eater, can order a main and share. But the sides are not to be missed.. Yummy!

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    UP Retreat @ Bintan Lagoon Resort

    Truly blessed to be part of this amazing retreat! From the planning committee to the details of rooming, everything was superb! A really BIG CLAP to the all who made it possible!


    A total of more than 200 staff and spouses, children and workers were present. For such a crowd, we were able to charter a ferry just for us. Cool!




    Basically the entire Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal was filled with our people =)


    Our Camp Commander, the winner of Nuyou Men We Love 2010


    The room we had was fantastic! Totally exceeded our expectations..


    There was a tatami style bed by the windows, this is where Joey and me slept. It was just slightly smaller than the double bed you see in the photo above.


    The bathroom was okay, clean with a bathtub, obviously the girls loved it. Jayne didn’t want to leave the tub most of the time.


    Balcony. Klessis’s favourite. And the view was great.



    Bintan is really a very relaxed place. The greens just creates that feel good feeling.





    The girls had a great time with the rest of the kids too



    The sessions with Pastor Kong were the best of the 3D2N stay. It was a time of refreshing and strengthening. Nothing beats that!


    This has to be the best Retreat I had in a long long time. Hopefully I won’t have to wait so long again before we have the next one.

    UP! UP! And Away!