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    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    BB 9700

    finally after waiting for more than 3 months. here is the phone i have been waiting for!

    you won’t believe how much i paid for this great phone..

    retail price with contract = $448
    extra cost to re-contract = $100
    total to pay = $548

    phone plan rebate = $100
    BB plan rebate =$100
    trade in E71 phone = $200
    sunperk points rebate = $50
    Citibank cash rebate = $67

    amount to be paid for BB 9700 = $31!!!!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    2 man shopping

    after being a zombie at home for more than 24 hours. no contact with any human. only talking thru msn, facebook and twitter. i finally made the decision to go out for a walk. who else can i ask?

    of course another “zombie man” who has just got thru the same ordeal as me. he actually watched the entire 40 episode of 倚天屠龙记. he is Simon…

    we met up at Tangs. walked from Tangs to Ion, then to Wisma, to Paragon and back to Tangs.

    i wanted to buy some clothes or maybe a pair of shorts. Simon wanted to look at some jeans. but ended up, the only things we bought were biscuits from Mark & Spencers. and each bought an electrical appliance. steady bo??

    Simon bought an electric insect repellent

    i bought an iron

    impossible is nothing!

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    blessed Joey

    who knows what can a kid get in a lucky draw..

    we bought some drinks from cold storage just now and there was a chance to spin the wheel for a lucky draw. before the spin, the young salesman told us the big prize is a can of New Moon abalone.. i was thinking, shui bian lah..

    so giving Joey a chance to have some fun, my mother carried her up to spin the wheel. da da!!

    it’s blessed to have a blessed child in the house!! hahaaa…

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    my turn

    the strongest person at home is KLESSIS..she is a superwoman!

    jayne was sick for 4 days, joey was next, fever for 2 days. not it’s my turn. 37.6 degrees!

    haiz..can’t afford to take mc somemore! tons of work, preparing for year end. today i had to attend 5 meetings. can you imagine that? totally not efficient at all. nothing much was accomplished except to know that more work is waiting for me.. OMG!

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    father’s heart

    yesterday we went over to JB, to my auntie’s house. kless went over in the afternoon with the girls. i drove over after work, was stuck in the traffic for ard 2hours. really at times, i wanted to just get out of the jam and turn back home. but the images of kless and the girls taking bus home is just too difficult to handle.

    when i reached my auntie’s house, all 3 ladies were there at the door waiting for their man. as usual, jayne was waiting for me to carry her. so without much thought, i carried her over. walked into the house, went to the dining table, all still carrying jayne. then suddenly, joey came over and asked me to carry her too. wow! at that moment, i was so guilty. i felt so ashamed that i have neglected joey.

    of course without anymore delay, i handed jayne back to kless and gave joey a big hug. she was super happy, kissing me on the cheek.

    i love both my girls. frankly speaking, i do not have any favourites. if i do, i will say probably it’s kless. i once asked myself a stupid question. if i need to make a choice between my daughters or wife, i will choose my wife. but that is not the topic today.

    i love joey and jayne equally. but i have to constantly remind myself to be fair. never to allow any one daughter to feel neglected. it’s not easy girls, but papa will try…

    today jayne is sick. high fever and vomiting. took her to see a GP and then to KK hospital. she was so weak and lethargic. everytime i carry her in my arms, she will just slump into my chest and sleep. really pains my heart to see her go thru the pain. everytime she drinks her milk, she ends up vomiting it out. i can see that she is very hungry, but nothing stays in.

    baby, papa is praying for you. get well soon! papa loves you!