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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Asia Conference

    It's over!!

    Day 1:
    - Heard live for e first time, Dr Yonggi Cho, e founder of e largest church ever in Christianity. Yet he is one of e most humble man alive! There is no wonder why God uses him so greatly. Totally amazing!
    - Pst Phil shared for 30mins after that. He really demonstrated e power of God's anointing, just half an hour, but his topic on prayer was so inspiring! Pst Phil is definitely my personal most favourite pastor! Super cool n fun! And also powerfully spiritual n inspiring.
    - our own Pst Kong shared for e opening night. It is always e most difficult to preach on e opening night. But pastor nevertheless preached up a storm! If I am a foreign delegate, I will be so charged up to serve e Lord after this conference! Cheers to Pastor!

    Day 2:
    - I got to work and only able to attend e night session. None other than Pst Phil again!! C3 band led p&w. Their style is so different frm chc, more groovy, more soul in e singing. Very performance style! I like.. Pst Phil brought his iPad on stage n e crowd went 'ooooh', so envious!! Super cool pastors uses e cool gadgets! Maybe I shd get one too. I think he planned to share a msg, but e HS moved so mightily and Pst Phil just followed e guide n started to pray for different pastors from ard Asia. China, India, Vietnam, Butan, Pakistan, Cambodia n USA. Tho we we all just standing at our seats n praying together w him, the presence of God was so so strong! I cried a few times just becos of e presence. So much love n passion n compassion for e lost n for e different countries. Amazing!! Like what Pst Kong said at e end of e svc, this AC is amazing becos we have e impartation, we have e Word, we have e works of e Holy Spirit! With e word n HS, we will grow!!

    Day 3:
    - Dr Cho sharing again. But kless got to work, jayne is sick, means I hv to take care of her n can't attend e svc. A bit disappointed but family is equally impt! But still I managed to see Dr Kim Sung-Hae played e piano. She is GOOD!!
    - the most influential evangelist preacher is up next. Pst Reinhard Bonnke! He is amazing, at 70 years old, he is still preaching with fire, full of strength! Africa is saved becos of his commitment n obedience to God's calling. He said something that impacted me. "God has no maximum!" Woo!!

    Day 4:
    - it's a resting day for us. No sessions in e morning or afternoon. It's e AC games.
    - CHC BBG won football, beating Japan team 4-2. These guys can do business n play! Kudos!!
    - CHC won captain's ball, beating KL team 5-3. Another hurray for CHC!!
    - New Life Taiwan won basketball, beating CHC 39-29. Taiwanese team is good!!
    - Reinhard Bonnke blew e house! His passion n love for e lost touched n impacted e thousands listening to him. A side note of humor, a mbr tweet that he wished all his friends r Africans, so that they can be saved. His cgls's response was ....... :)

    Day 5:
    - Dr Cho's last sermon for this AC. Touching e way he speaks of his wife n how he looks at her. Really a great man w a great example for us! The licensing of e 12 pastors was one of e highlights! Darren, Mengchin, Edmund, Kim Hock, Jeremy, Yan Chee, Jimmy, Glordia, Lily, Lynn, Aizhen & Yalan. Congrats Pastors!!
    - the afternoon session was an evangelistic session with special performance by 蔡琴! She is a diva! Powerful n captivating voice!
    - Finale!!! The atmosphere is electrifying!!! Goosebumps upon goosebumps! CHC Band rocked e place! Dr AR Bernard inspired e entire crowd with e self-concept sermon which is in fact e essence of e cultural mandate.

    Asia Conference is a success!! Looking forward to Suntec Asia Conference 2010!
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    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    What makes our principles?

    Yest night at 1am, both kless n I are still awake. Not feeling tired at all. It's one of those moments we have a heart-to-heart talk. Nothing serious but just talking abt our lives in general. But I always enjoy such talks. Reminds me of why I married her in e first place. Cos she completes me, she understands me e best!

    She asked, "what do u is different in me now as compared to e past?" Wow! I was for a long moment lost for words. Having been married for 7 coming to 8 years, dated for 10 years, this question is a valid one but I dunno how to answer. Haha.. Talking abt being soul mates..

    Well I won't discuss in details what we shared with one another. But one thing for sure, we have changed to be better in terms of character building.

    In the end we concluded that a lot of our thoughts n actions are based on how we have set our life principles. And for me, the words that fashioned my principles in life is none other than e bible!

    I grew up in church. Going to sunday school since birth. Listening n memorizing all e bible stories. Received personal salvation n baptism of e Spirit when I was 9. Water baptised at 12. My primary 3 composition was to be a pastor. I started fasting at 13. In short, I breathe n lived a Christian life all these years! And I am proud to say I hv no regrets!!

    However, I slowly grew older n start to realize that I cannot judge e pple ard me with e standards n principles I live by all these years frm e bible. It makes me a very disappointed person, cos not everyone has gone thru e same as me. The Word is a mirror to those who diligently seek Him, personally.

    Is having principles good or bad? Sometimes I'm confused. Being rigid/ stubborn is definitely not a good principle of life...
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    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010

    once again the yearly event is coming up! 5th Dec 2010.

    this year, i will run the 10km again. despite doctor’s advise to stop running for a while. haizz… stubborn man!

    but the excitement will be all Joey’s!! i’ve signed her up for the 750m kids dash! woohoo!! i believe she will enjoy it totally!!

    next up, trying to get some of my cg mbrs to sign up too!

    Signs of tiredness

    I am super do I know?

    I drove home, I parked e car down at my flat. I carried e girls back. I came down to drive e car back to multi-storey carpark. I walked from my flat to carpark. Where is my car? Still at my flat...
    I walked back to flat. I parked my car correctly. I took e lift. Reached 6th floor. Walked down 3 floors. I live on e 4th....
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    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    First Born

    is there a more special bond between a parent and their first born? as compared to the 2nd or 3rd child?

    i have 2 girls, both i love dearly. i don’t think i will practice favouritism in future lah. but whenever i sees my first born, i just have this feeling within me that i can’t describe with words. it’s like she is special.

    i am also my parent’s first born. but seriously i don’t feel i am that special to my parents la.. just normal lor.

    recently we just celebrated our 2nd girl’s 1st birthday. but the scale and excitement was not as great as the 1st girl’s party. why? are we tired already? or we don’t have enough time to prepare? or just something that is different we can’t describe?

    i feel bad for my 2nd born. i will then do more to sort of compensate her. but why will i have this feeling to compensate? i can only say deep inside first born will always be first born. just like in the days of the old testament in the bible, the first born is different and will always get the double portion anointing and blessing. first born is always born when the parents are the strongest.

    i don’t want to do things for my 2nd girl becos i have done it for the 1st. i want to do it becos i love her and i want to do it to make her happy.

    the night is dark and late, maybe that’s why i am so emo now…

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Names we call each other

    I guess all of us have gone thru e stage where we give every single friend a nickname. Most of e time we will give nicknames to pple we either like or dislike. If that particular friend is just a hi-bye friend, why bother to nickname him, right?

    I have all sorts of nicknames..
    1. Kang Kong (cos my dialect name is Kar Keong n I am very skinny, this was a nick that stayed with me for all my primary sch days)
    2. KK Hospital (again becos of my name, but this time it was also to suan me for being pretty close to e girls ard me in secondary sch days, my guy friends were jealous)
    3. KK本笨 (given by Kless, why else, cos of my name, and also becos I started to call her 口木呆小姐. This is actually the best nick I had, cos our relationship then was 暧昧 n in such cases, any nick is sweet!)
    4. 老大 (given by Kris when she was my pcgl, but it stayed n e rest started to call me that at times too. Even my staffs at work calls me that. As a guy, this nick is wonderful, cos it feeds my male ego totally, hahaaa)

    Nicknames are fun as long as it doesn't hurt others too deeply. Sometimes nicks pull individuals closer, like sharing a private moment. Some nicks I have for friends...

    米粉妹, Ah Heah (Serene Heah) (Gerald Tay)
    Ching ching (Peter Ching)
    李小龙 (Bruce Lee Kok Siong)
    Uncle Wei Wei (Ziwei)
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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    I like my girl with long hair

    Today, this afternoon my ex-girlfriend is having her hair cut. It's a very expensive cut but becos of Nanz Inc, she is doing it for free.

    As expected, the hairstylist says that her face is small n short hair suits her better. So e over shoulder length is gone. Replaced by a slightly over e ear length. Ooooohh! Heart pain ah!

    Someone asked me why I like long hair. Of course long hair usually is more feminine la.. But I think e main reason is whenever my ex has short hair, she reminds me of her TKGS days. Now she is all grown up, mature n sexy, compared to those days when she is just a cutie pie.

    I like my girl to have pony tail. So my style!
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    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    my girls

    finally able to use the camera (read my own canon camera!!)

    took a few random photos of Joey n Jayne before dinner..







    Joey took one of me

    the usual self-taken dad n daughter (can you see that i am trying to keep her still with my head?)

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    What to do when you are waiting?

    Waiting is a difficult thing to do...
    Japanese = 待って
    Korean = 잠깐 만요
    Spanish = Esperar
    Hebrew = חכה
    Malay = Tunggu
    Chinese = 等待

    I am waiting for a call. I am waiting for a confirmation. I am waiting for a breakthrough.

    What can I do in e meantime???

    I pester all my good friends every morning!
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