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    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…

    friends are there most of the time. we joke, we laugh, we even cry together sometimes. but no matter what, they are still friends and never can be compared to how our family can touch us.

    over the past 2 years playing football with a superb group of friends, i have seen a fair share of injuries, mild and serious. of course, Jack and Gary are the most serious ones. had to go for surgery and after that hang up their boots forever. both times i was there with them, sending them to the hospital. both times i felt bad cos i was the organiser for the games.

    today my brother fell and had a very bad sprain. the moment he fell, he cried out loudly and buried his face in the ground. i rushed over and held his hand. he held back tightly and said that he heard a crack sound and was worried the bone was broken. i can hear from his voice he was scared. he was helpless. at that very moment, my heart went for him. i wished i was the one who was injured. i wish i was the one who had to go thru the pain. no joke, i nearly cried too. suddenly i felt like the elder brother who once hold my younger brother’s hand when we were young. how we went together from our 1-room flat to buy dinner, and on the way back, i injured my hand when we were playing kicking.

    i love my brother dearly! no one else can replace his position. i only have 1 brother. no matter what he has done, no matter how he has disappoint me, no matter how far we are in life, he will always be my younger brother.

    he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…