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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Joey vs Jayne

    those who have seen Jayne have asked the obvious question. who does she resembles more? daddy or mummy? but our answers are the same, she looks like Joey when Joey was a baby. take a look.



    Jayne Combi

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Joey is my responsibility

    Jayne is sleeping. Kless is also sleeping. Joey? wide awake and very energetic. left me to entertain her la…

    today is home-cooked food.

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    He’s my brother

    i hardly talk about my only blood-brother. most of you know him but not so familiar. we used to be very close, but i guess, as we each grows up and have our own career, friends and responsibilities. the closeness will drift apart. but still, i will do anything for him no matter what, and he for me too…

    took this picture recently when we went for Joey’s 3rd celebration.. i really like the smile on our faces…

    Isn’t she adorable?

    this has to be my favourite photo of Jayne so far…


    Time with Joey

    took some time off from home for Joey. brought her to the library, went shopping at Causeway Point, then makan at McDonalds and finally a short playing time at the playground near our place.

    very excited Joey


    father and daughter

    at the library, reading habits need to be cultivate early…




    her favourite meal


    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    Sleeping Beauties

    Joey Kuan

    Jayne Kuan

    It’s over!

    Champions: Manchester United (CL)
    Runner-up: Liverpool, Chelsea (CL)
    Qualifier: Arsenal (CL)

    Relegated: West Brom, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United

    just mins after the last game is over, i am already missing the season. why must we wait for so long before the next season starts? why can’t the players just have 1 month’s rest and start playing again for the needs of fans worldwide?

    i am sad my Liverpool did not win the title this year. we played well, pushed hard, but luck caused us to miss the title once again by inches. but on the other hand, i am super happy Newcastle is relegated. yea!! for more than 6-7 years, i have been waiting for this to happen. dun ask me why i dun like them… it’s the same for disliking ManU or Chelsea or Everton…

    God please press the fast-forward mode, let us head into July now…


    we knew it will come, but not so soon la…

    with the arrival of Jayne, inevitably Joey will surely feel a bit neglected. as parents, we are already doing our best to avoid it. so like everyone who has more than 1 child. we bought a gift for Joey in the name of Jayne. so that Joey will not feel threaten in the house.

    these few days, cos Kless is hospital, so i was there most of the time too, from morning 9plus till 10 at night. the only time i saw Joey was in the morning before i leave the house. so naturally she will miss us. today when we finally came home after Kless was discharged, Joey was at the doorstep waiting for us. the moment she saw us, she started screaming “daddy!!! mummy!!!” actually we missed her a lot too lah…

    heard from my mother, this morning, after i left the house, Joey started to unwrap all the gifts our friends gave to Jayne. one after one, she unwraps and throw it aside angrily, “又是以心的!”

    hahaaa… so funny… jealousy is such a funny thing.

    then tonight after dinner, i decided to bring Joey out to buy some groceries. just to spend some time with her. after buying all the stuffs, on the way home in the car. suddenly Joey came near my face and whisper in my ear, “daddy, i miss you”.

    orrrhhh… my heart melted… at that moment, if she has asked me for anything, i would have agreed…

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Last Night

    tml Jayne will be back from the hospital. so tonight will officially be the last night where i will enjoy an undisturbed sleep. after this, we will have to wake up every 2-3 hours to feed baby. change her diapers. the sacrifice is on the way…

    btw, thank you all the people who have came over the past few days to visit Kless and Jayne. you guys came during lunch, after work, before cgm, even on off days… we are really touched by all the love. thank you for all the gifts too… =)

    here are a few photos of me with baby…


    my first photo with baby Jayne, just before she was brought into the nursery for clean up.

    these are taken today


    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Arrival of Jayne Kuan

    after all the waiting, she is here! our precious 2nd princess. Jayne is born 21st May 2009, 2:57pm. weighs 2.78kg and 50cm long. for comparison sake, Joey was born on 8th April 2006, weighs 3.416kg and 51cm long.

    i will not blog too many photos here, cos i will give Kless the honor to blog in the jbabies’ website. but just a glimpse of the new Kuan family…


    the 1st photo of her life. just out from the OT, not even properly washed..

    a closer look

    the heroine and i truly love her the most

    thank you dear, for all the hard work. i was very nervous outside the OT, but i know you are going thru more but still so strong and brave. thanks for giving me 2 such beautiful daughters. i hope that both of them will grow up to be like you exactly. so pretty and understanding. most of all, so loving towards me. mucks mucks!!

    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    WWII Hospital

    i went to JB yest. grandma just had an operation on thur. inserted a piece of metal into her right leg, from her hip to the knee. more than a feet long. but thank God, everything was fine, she is now recovering.

    but what struck me more than the surgery was the state of the hospital. firstly, let me tell you that the surgery was free. in another private hospital, the surgery itself would be RM$30K min. but this govt hospital operates for free. 1 night’s stay in the hospital is RM$1. ya, that’s right. it’s about S$0.42. practically free. every sort of medication, x-rays, checkups, treatments, physio… FREE! the only cost was the metal piece to be inserted into my grandma’s leg. amazing right?

    here is the reason why i say it’s a WWII hospital. if i can take more photos, i would be able to show you the front of the hospital which looks really like a bus station in a rural village…


    this is the place where my grandma is staying… see that green partition on the right? that is her bed.16052009015


    a closer view of the partition. my mother and aunties are changing her clothes. there is no nurse around to help. i had to pull the partition from behind some door by myself.16052009016


    the section just beside, slightly more high class de. i dunno how they determine the class la, maybe every night costs RM$2?16052009017


    the waiting area before we enter the bed area.16052009018


    the nurses’ table. no computers, no screens, everything is hand-recorded. so ulu!

    MR Ceremony

    on friday afternoon, i was back in camp for the last time. i will be officially transferred to mindef reserves as of 1 June 2009. that means i am no longer liable for any in-camp training, no more ippt, no more need to apply for exit permit when i go overseas…

    in short, army life is totally irrelevant to me now. unless s’pore goes to war, i may still be recalled. what are the chances? not sure la… but sure hope not…

    many years back, during my first ICT, i was praying that i will be able to drive to camp. cos i was staying in woodlands and the camp is in tampines. tell me about the efficiency in the army. big fat zero. anyway, i prayed every year and it never happens. i continued to take the mrt and bus to camp for the 10 years of ICT. on friday, it was the first time i drove to camp. first time and the last. irony? hahaa… i can only say God has His humour =)

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    New Vision - Love

    on tue night, we had a very amazing leaders’ meeting. as usual, pst derek didn’t plan for ministry but like he said, it’s when we are willing to be led by the Spirit and not our own agenda, God will move mightily.

    honestly, i was pretty tired on tue. after a hard day’s of work, i had to pick joey and bring her home cos kless was not feeling well, so can’t take care of her after her meeting. so i was driving from bugis to stevens road to woodlands and back to riverwalk. tell me about the fuel cost…

    once i reached riverwalk, my 35 years old body was screaming for rest le. but when we learn to flow with the anointing, amazing things can happen.

    as the worship ends, pst derek took over and immediately you can sense the Spirit is waiting to minister. i can already sense that the night will not end early as planned. 人算不如天算. i admit i was a bit sian la, but thank God for the many years of training, to press on when our body is weak. pst started to lay hands on several people. i was seated right inside, next to the wall, with 4-5 rows of people in front and behind me. in short, it’s going to be difficult for pst to come in and pray for me. so i was expecting.

    but he did. i was just so grateful that God did not miss me. when pst prayed for me, he only said, “a new vision, God give him a new vision”. i was very excited surely. i want to have a new vision in my life, to do new exploits.

    as i fell under the power, i began to pray for a new vision for the cg. how much we can grow in numbers and quality. but no feel. i moved on to pray for my career, promotions and more prosperity. again no feel. what else to do? ask God what is the new vision about lor…so He spoke. only one word. Love.

    that was all. God revealed the new vision for me is to love everyone around me. how simple, yet so powerful and difficult to do. my entire mind felt so relieved, i felt i had finally got the key to all the breakthrus i have been praying for. “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His reighteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you”.

    just love the people around me is not easy. help them accomplish their tasks and vision, that is tough. but i will learn. in fact i started by blessing my father. decided to celebrate his birthday earlier and prepared steamboat dinner at home, his favourite. gave him a love offering. he was happy. i think he may even had felt surprised. cos i was serving him so much food that night. hahahaaa…

    i feel very blessed now…thank you Jesus.

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    She likes Piglet

    saw one of those cute soft toys at the petrol station. so decided to buy as a surprise for Joey, who was in the car when i was buying it. but the moment i was back in the car, she was asking me, “Papa, 你买 Piglet ah?”

    haizz… so much for the surprise…

    the little piglet Joey has at home (she names it baby pig now)piglet

    this is the piglet i bought (Joey names it mama pig now)
    piglet mommy

    mama and baby together
    mommy and baby

    the real onesIMG_1546

    Just the 2 of you




    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Someone, please save me!!

    Kless is creating a new wave of her craze at home. no other words to describe. let the photos say it all.



    Super angry!

    just while driving back from town. travelling along PIE, there was this car in front of me. we were both driving on the utmost right lane, the lane for cars to overtake.

    yet this idiotic driver is travelling at 82km/hr. the limit was 90km/hr. and on a right most lane, every driver know you are suppose to drive slightly faster, if not just get away lah!!

    so driving behind him, i did a courteous signal, i high-beam the driver to give way. at this point i still think the driver is a female. but then the most incredible thing happened. the driver in front braked. he actually slowed down further to 78km/hr. &*^%$#^$*^#*$*

    ok now, i am sure the driver is a guy. only a guy will play such things. stupid and idiotic.

    finally i had to chance to cut back left to overtake the car. the most frustrating thing happened. i picked up my speed to 95km/hr. the driver went 100km/hr. i went 100km/hr, he went approx. 110km/hr. he is playing with me lor…

    stupid!!! stupid!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!

    Friday, May 8, 2009

    Lord, grandma is sick

    she is 87 years old le… came from china and worked hard all her life. taking care of 7 children while her husband worked hard outside. my grandfather is dead for 25 years. that is how long grandma has been alone without her spouse.

    now, the joints on one of her knees is totally damaged. she has to go for an operation to place in an artificial one. feel so sad for her, at such old age, still have to go thru all these things. actually she is very scared of the operation. she has dragged for long enough. she has been living on pain-killers for weeks.

    God, please protect her and grant her strength. i pray that you will preserve her and give her speedy recovery. i want to bring baby Jayne to see her great-grandma.

    thank you Jesus!

    I lost S$1M

    it’s gone! it’s over! why did it happened to me? i never believed i would end up this way…


    he is captured!!!

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Family Night Tour

    after organizing a night tour for the cg, it’s time for a family night outing too. today at 7plus, i had a sudden idea of going out with Kless for a walk. or maybe eat ice-cream.

    in less than 3 weeks time, Jayne will be out and Kless would have to be confined for at least a month before she can go out freely. even after that 1 month, going out as a family will never be the same again. both of us will no longer have empty hands… it’s either Joey or Jayne… requiring us to be carried and not mentioning the 2 bags for the 2 girls…

    so after bathing, i ‘jio’ my wife for a drive. she readily agreed. of course lah! i drive, she enjoys. hahaaa =)

    a couple of photos before we set off


    durian was our first destination


    along with some lychees

    my dear girls enjoying themselves



    we have been trying to get Joey to try some durian, finally i succeeded



    verdict = she likes it (but can only eat a little)

    before you think it’s over. then you are absolutely wrong. a night tour is not a tour when you only go to 1 place. the next destination has to be the much awaited “bull frog porridge”. i had to say, Kless decides on the destinations. i just follow and pay.



    after all the durian, lychee, porridge, drinks… i am so so full and driving after a heavy supper, is not easy… but to my greatest amazement, when we reached home, Kless is eating the durian we packet home… OMG!!!!

    i love such impromptu trips with my family..