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    Wednesday, April 14, 2010


    tonight we went back to the kopitiam that was near to last house i stayed before i was married. the food is okay, tho the famous chicken rice stall and fishball noodle are no longer there. but the feeling is so nostalgic.

    after dinner, i took a stroll with Jayne. and just so naturally i walked towards my the flat i lived in for 16 years. with Jayne in my arms, the feeling is so warm, speaking softly to her, telling her this is papa’s old flat. this is where i grew up.

    walked the familiar staircase. walked past the round stone table at the void deck, remembered a time when 1 friend came and met me there after he broke up with his girlfriend. we drank beer and he smoked.

    went into the lift, ascended to the level so so familiar. stepping out into the common corridor, i saw myself in school uniform, slinging my bag, walking home after a tiring day in class.

    walked past the exact flat. peeked in. the living room is quite messy, very different from how i remembered it to be. they have added a lift just outside the unit. things looked a bit different. in fact, it’s very different. the feeling may be there, but yet there is a sense of unfamiliarity.

    i’m glad we have moved on. the future is going to be even better. cos i have my wife and 2 girls!

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Happy Birthday Joey

    today is Joey’s 4th birthday! we took the day off to bring her out. but 人算不如天算. Jayne is down with fever the moment we wake up to prepare for the day. haizz! so sorry baby! so so sorry Joey!! we will make it up to you again!

    4 years is not a short time. that is 1460 days! that is the number of days my life has been transformed. i frequently wonder how blessed i am to have such a beautiful and clever daughter! girl, you have definitely changed my life forever!

    a trip down memory lane
    Joey Combi

    Joey 3

    Joey 1 


    Joey 2










    papa with Joey






    Dear Joey,
    Papa loves you very much! Forever I will be your hero and best friend! When you are tired, I will carry you. When you are upset, I will cheer you on. Just remember, papa will be there with you always!
    Love Pa

    A visit by NEA

    NEA logo

    an officer came in the afternoon when i happened to be at home. he identified himself from NEA. flashed his card like 0.5sec, how am i suppose to see it clearly?

    eventually i let him in based on the NEA shirt he was wearing. ok, i know that is not very good, but i dun think he looks like a crook tho.

    i was carrying Jayne when he proceeded to check the kitchen and the common toilet. nothing for him to find, with a cleanliness freak like my mother at home, we will never get a ‘F’ for being dirty. he wanted to check the master bedroom toilet, but Kless was sleeping in the room, so told him not convenient. he looked a bit disappointed, maybe he was hoping to report some findings from our house.

    before he leaves, at the doorstep, he gave his lecture.
    ”must take care hor. you got baby (pointing at Jayne), must make sure no water is stagnant for more than 2 days. must take care of baby.”

    siao! i dun know its important to take good care of my kids meh! how are the govt officers trained nowadays?

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010


    i’m totally crazy over this new drama! i have the soundtracks and have been listening to it almost everyday 24/7. the songs are simply the best!

    the cast is not so fancy super-famous actors and actresses. but the amazing thing is every single song on the show was sung by the characters themselves, 100%.


    can’t wait for season 2!!