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    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Feel by Jeffry Lim (from

    I can't help but re-blog this entry from my cousin's blog (sorry Edward, didn’t get your permission first).

    It doesn't matter if you like photography or not, these pictures are simply awesome!

    I know all the shots have been edited before. But the real amazement is how did Jeffry managed to capture those moments. I truly understand what it means when people say every photo tells a story!

    Just one of the few photos to entice you.

    You won't regret spending a few minutes looking thru it. Just click on the following links.

    Edward Foo's blog

    Jeffry Lim Visual Story Teller

    FEEL Exhibition by Jeffry Lim


    1. You would regret spending a few minutes looking thru it? typo error? lol. FEEL Exhibition may drop by Singapore, stay tune :)